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Opened in 2004, the Museo del Balì is an interactive Science-Center created with the aim of stimulating and promoting interest in scientific culture in central Italy.

It is installed in the splendid setting of the 18th-century Villa del Balì and thus situated in an area with a rich historical and cultural legacy. The Science-Center’s facilities include 40 hands-on interactive exhibits, a 46 seat Planetarium and an Observatory. They have been constructed to the highest international standards and share the proven hands-on approach to communicating science.

“Observe, touch and think” are the keywords for visitors on the itinerary of exhibits that takes them from the principles of perception and exploration of how things work to key concepts in science.

The only one of its kind in the Marche region, the Balì Science-Center is laid out in an exhibition space of 2000 squared meters and is second in Italy in terms of its size and the quality of its facilities.





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